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That may be true but are you the one selling the job with 1300.00 blocks (ok $1275.00 blocks) and have only needed said blocks this one time so far in your working history? Many uses, great, but this seems like a one off.
Then put the whole cost in the bid and don't think twice if you miss a job that you weren't equipped for.

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Another way to go, that ships use to feed jointed line thru a ship port is a 'What Knot' version (ABoK lesson#2579)ends seized up to line, traces thru port well.
*What Knot Seized in round #1459*
"The REEVING-LINE BEND,which is pictured by Roding in
1795, is so named because it passes easily through hawse pipes and
fair-leaders. The 2 HALF HITCHES relieve the load on the seizings.
Admiral Alston (Seamanship, London, 1860) says this "is about the best."
Mechanically the knot is the exact duplicate of the WHATNOT and the GRASS KNOT "
What Knot w/o ends seized up in ROUND rope is actually basis for magic trick,
for it locks well, as almost like a double ended Sheet Bend lock where both ends lock, instead of 1 end being passive bight. But very easy for ends to rotate in round /switch positions and the lock walks open like it was gear powered! So seize ends up to line each side/at least lead side/nose if 1 way travel.
vs. In flat rope/webbing holds very well, even preferred for untying, and called a Grass Bend(#1490). Not seen written but mix of round and flat or either to chain has worked well for me, but if any questions always kick at least one end up to it's own Standing Part.
Didn't think was best so didn't say before, but for the think tank, and wonder of how all these things fit together, bring it back around..
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Just got back from skidding some logs that were a long way from any access, so i pulled out the Skookum, a tagline, and setup a redirect where the eyesplices and a shackle could pass through the block.. worked a treat as always... Don't know how you gents get by without at least one of these in the tool shed?

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