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    Rescheduling jobs

    I leave my Fridays open. They most always fill up with rain days, 'tree-mergencies', or just tying up loose ends. If nothing fills the gap, we do a couple hours of maintenance stuff and start the weekend early.
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    How much is too much?

    Inch as as good as a mile!
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    Rigging Set-up

    On each leg...
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    Rigging Set-up

    I used to have a picture of a really handy chart, can't seem to find it. This is a lengthy article if you wanna nerd out...
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    Rigging Set-up

    I've worked off of a setup like that before. It's a lot of work to get everything in place but you gotta do what you gotta do. One thing to be mindful of is deflection angles and loading. It's pretty easy to turn your 175 lbs into 1000 if you've got a really taught line your working off of. In...
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    Are Hino trucks any good

    Hino is Toyotas heavy truck brand from what I understand. That's enough for me quality wise. Wish they made a 4wd like the fuso.
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    Captain Hook Setup Questions

    I use 50ish feet of 8mm double braid spliced to the hook. 8mm HRC tied in a michaocan with a couple extra wraps. Then use a small thimble to tend. The small rope is great to throw but hard on the hands. I use my foot ascender to do the brunt of the work. The hitch works srt just fine for me...
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    Show off them splices

    Probably not much of an advantage really, I've made tons of ultra slings and they're great, also a quick and easy splice. Just wanted to work up something different.
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    Show off them splices

    Been a while since I've had time to do any splicing. Had to replace the Omni 2.6 that managed to sprout legs.. figured I'd try my hand at an Ultra without the dead end. Head scratcher of a layout but turned out pretty decent. That section where the buries overlap is a tough one.
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    Flowering tree- yellowwood?

    Looks like it to me. Not many around here but all the ones I've seen have yellow flowers
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    Akimbo vs BDB

    How does the bollard adjust on the new style Bone? Fwiw, I've used both extensively and they're both great tools. Very similar too. I'd say the akimbo is a bit more refined and adjustable, which can be a drawback too. The Bone is rock solid, rebuildable, and a bit more intuitive to set up and use.
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    Isc triple action snap failure to close.

    The double actions are getting hard to come by. There's a way to turn your triple back to a double quite easily if one were so inclined. Seems like it might negate the "stuck open" problem.
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    Opinions on a dinosaur

    How will you get it home if it doesn't run? If it was an easy fix do you think he seller would fix it and ask more? Total crap shoot if you ask me.
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    Chipper Autofeed

    Thanks Merle, I saw his site but didn't know what one would need to do as far as the valve and hydraulic plumbing go.
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    Chipper chute pictures

    Interesting, Ive got a similar era bandit judging by the infeed design but my wheels are just straight bars, not toothed or angled.

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