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    Blackened maple tree

    If you can't find the gloomy scale this might just be a harmless fungal issue. Around here lots of Sugars turn black, but I always just chalked it up from some sort of minor mechanical damage, fermentation, and adventitious fungus. What are common treatments for gloomy scale? An initial google...
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    Trees from a distance

    I stand corrected. I always just assumed the limestone would push the ph in the surrounding soils sky high.
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    Trees from a distance

    No, Hemlock would never survive in limestone. Honestly, was concentrating more on the rock than on the hemlock.
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    anyone knows what tree is this?

    I like cerviar's assessment. Blue Oak fits best here.
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    Trees from a distance

    Q. muehlenbergii? Is that limestone underneath?
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    Trees from a distance

    Never seen that one before. Pretty cool.
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    Accurate estimating

    No issue that I see. But if they contract you to split wood next year be sure to up your prices and tell them stacking is an additional charge.
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    Does anyone use HomeAdvisor?

    Just to pile onto the "don't do it crowd" I will give a short account of my experience with HA. They called trying to solicit their services. We weren't interested, as we are more interested in growing organically and using other online marketing tactics. The salesman persisted, at which point...
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    Trees from a distance

    Hasseltia floribunda?
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    Accurate estimating

    The brief contracts we have for proposals clearly outlines that additional work will affect the price. For many of my customers this is enough and they know if they ask for additional work they trust I will be honest with the final bill. With others they need me to come out and re-estimate the...
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    Watched the utility guys today...

    I'll sometimes talk to the clearance crews when they are working near one of my crews. We only get the big companies for those contracts, so safety is usually on point. A newer (but large) company I'd never seen before was actually over the top with their safety protocol. They had cones set up...
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    Do exoskeletans have a place in our industry?

    On the second thought, maybe just stick with the Quest avatar.
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    Need help!

    Grease! I'm sorry, this is completely unrelated: Is Undercut Tree Service your business name?
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    Free webinar with 1.0 CEU on Arboricultural Biomechanics

    Honestly this would work for me. I expect you'd have a hard time getting speakers to log-in at this time, but for the practicing/operating arborist this would probably be the best time.

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