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    Echo DCS-2500T plastic lunchbox

    Is your 2511 modded ported at all?
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    Echo DCS-2500T plastic lunchbox

    Yeah I love that slanted handle on my 2511(looks the same)... Still easy to sight the lay. Another thing to consider with that slanted handle being on their weaker saws, I think the assumption it that your not cutting big tops that would need to be notched 110%perfectly to hit the lay. I know...
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    Echo top handle saw

    For me it's been harder to open them with the scrench as opposed to the handle. When I pull out the handle, I pull extra slack and press down on the saw where the pull cord hole is to pinch the cord and hold the saw in place and to keep enough slack outside the hole so the recoil isn't pulling...
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    Echo top handle saw

    What I do is tighten the gas cap first and be careful to not over tighten. I basically don't put any kind muscle into it. Then I tighten the oil cap only as far as I tightened the gas cap. You can't put much effort Into it or you will over tighten and need a tool to open. I usually do it best...
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    Echo DCS-2500T plastic lunchbox

    What are these echo battery jobs priced at?
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    Q('s) on kick-back, especially in-canopy / top-handled saws

    So I was at a good saw shop last weekend and asked the guy about switching to the .43 and he felt strongly that I should not do that . He said he never ran the 2511 but that he's always got guys coming in looking to switch the opposite way from the .43 to the .50. He seemed to really think it...
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    Q('s) on kick-back, especially in-canopy / top-handled saws

    Thank you birdman!!! So from what I read on here, people are saying the echo 2511t cuts a lot smoother, (less jumpy and grabby) in the cut with a 0.43 bar and chain than the 0.50 bar and chain... Does anybody agree? Bc that's what I'm trying to fix here...
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    Q('s) on kick-back, especially in-canopy / top-handled saws

    I thought I heard on here to put a .43 bar and chain on the echo 2511t you had to buy a different sprocket than the stock sprocket it comes with but my friend at work says I shouldn't need to. He says I should be able to just buy the .43 bar and chain and install it on the stock sprocket it came...
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    The latest Matt Cornell harness

    I'm doing pretty good, thank you! At the end of winter I started a new job with a crew that is much farther away than I would usually like but it's well worth it because the crew is all certified and much safer than any place I have worked before. The owner has a great rep. And is mentoring/...
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    It's mid-April and I'm uncertain whether to find a crew to climb for this summer or go-it alone, need advice/counsel!

    You definitely need to get on a legitimate tree crew. Please I beg you. You need to be willing to work the ground a lot if your gonna get any air time with your little experience. Do whatever it takes and listen to whatever your trainer says(certified arborist). Leave them fusion rings at home...
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    Critique my 2 'squeezers' plz? (TreeSqueeze-configuration lanyards)

    Lol relax kid. How bout ask yourself why are you using garbage for life support? Like you, I fear the answer Is that cheaper is better? Your broke? I understand if you wanna buy a cheap hammer or chainsaw but when I put my life on something, I buy the best that I can. Not cheap Chinese made...
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    No shrink tubing in Teufelberger OP e2e hitch cord?

    Your just fine relax. That is the hitch cord that comes with the CE lanyard, designed specifically for using with the pinto pulley. Nothing wrong with it and it will last as long as any other op hitch cord with shrink wrap. Don't stress it.
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    Critique my 2 'squeezers' plz? (TreeSqueeze-configuration lanyards)

    Then you definitely missed the point and I'm not gonna bother going further. Sorry I said anything. Use whatever you wanna. I wish u a long safe and prosperous life. That's all.
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    Thank you fella's.

    Yea I can't thank you all enough to be honest. One of the best things I did for my career was join this forum and read my ass off. Huge thanks to the guys that run this ship and every member too!
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    the wonders of useing spliced ropes

    NVM now that I'm looking around I can't find where I seen it advertised with a poly core but I'll have to assume what I saw was just old info as you said it did have the poly core when it first came out.

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