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    Paid Estimates

    Thanks for the links @TimBr
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    Paid Estimates

    For those who charge for estimates, how does the process work? Is the paid estimate taken off if the client goes for the work? Or is it just on top of the estimate? I don't mind doing estimates in my home town but have started to get inquires from further away.
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    Husqvarna Battery blower. Anyone using it?

    Hey, Just checking to see if anyone is using a battery blower on a regular basis? I've been really happy with the climbing saw and am thinking of getting a blower. I don't use backpack blowers and don't need that power. Appreciate any insights.
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    Wood Chipper blades

    Hey, Just looking for some options to order chipper blades in Canada? Thanks
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    New Edelrid Saddle?

    Thought I'd bump this thread and see if anyone has actually tried this harness out. Looks interesting but would be nice to have some field observations. Cheers
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    Magnetic block heaters?

    Not sure. It's a cat diesel on a small morbark chipper. I'll look into that. Was hoping the magnetic option could be a quick option to get by for now.
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    Magnetic block heaters?

    Hey, Anyone have any experience using magnetic block heaters on the chippers? I have a diesel chipper with no block heater. Looking for some options to help with starting. I've seen a few options for magnest or silicone pads. Best to put it on the the oil pan or engine. Just wondering if these...
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    Helmet Comms ?

    I know Sena seems to rule but has anyone tried any other brands? I've seen a few very similar products on amazon with much better price points. Just checking to see if anyone has had some first hand experience with any. Thanks
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    Strength Training Programs and the Off Season

    Why Uphill Athlete? Are you looking to train for something specific or get into a gym with a personal trainer? Lots of good programs out there via apps. Stretching programs as well via apps you can do by yourself. Have you ever had a coach watch you lift? I found learning to lift and...
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    Aerial Rescue info

    A link would be great.
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    Aerial Rescue info

    I think I know the ballast technique you are talking about. Hopefully @oceans sees this thread and chimes in. Thanks
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    Aerial Rescue info

    I'll do a search. Thanks. I have found arbclimber in the past to have some very informative info.
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    Aerial Rescue info

    Our crew is very experienced and probably has more first aid qualifications then most(mountain guides and ski patrollers) More looking to see what new techniques we can implement. I have looked at private training but no luck on booking anytime soon.
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    Aerial Rescue info

    Looking to see if there are any good recommendations for books or videos on aerial rescue. There aren't any training options in our area. We are planning to do some training as our crew is growing and we are a little rusty in this area. We spend the bulk of out time stuck in spurs and rigging...
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    Evaluating Frost Cracks

    To me it looks like they have gotten slightly longer. The homeowner is unsure.
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