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    Ditch Witch SK650 general discussion

    Are you calling me fat?
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    Ditch Witch SK650 general discussion

    @colb so Sfoppema is the one who has been giving you ideas.
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    Rum Rum Rum

    That explains so much.
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    Looking for advice on becoming an arborist

    Obvious or not don't hate yourself Njdelaney. I recognize chainsaws as an indispensable tool, and I respect those who are able to use them safely. I understand that by becoming chainsaw competent I could accomplish that much more. At this point in time and for someone in my circumstance the...
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    Looking for advice on becoming an arborist

    I like your Idea of using the winch to hoist its self up the tree into position. I still need help getting it out of the vehicle and to the tree. Almost all of the climbing equipment has been taken in to the smallest of the size adjustments, so I am becoming a pro at stuff like what to do with...
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    Looking for advice on becoming an arborist

    I share many of your concerns. I'm 32 and have been doing recreational tree climbing on and off for about 3 years now. In August I quit my desk job and started working with the love of my life who is a self employed arborist. Some days I nail it, others I just manage to keep up, and a few days I...
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    How does Coronavirus COVID-19 alter our workflow?

    This is from the world health organization. "Washing your hands with soap and water or using alcohol-based hand rub kills viruses that may be on your hands."
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    How does Coronavirus COVID-19 alter our workflow?

    We can't go out, theirs no new shows or sports on TV, and so many people are stuck at home quickly running out of ways to entertain themselves. Calling up an arborist to come out an prune a tree may become the only live sporting event people can attend. People might start getting tree work done...
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    How does Coronavirus COVID-19 alter our workflow?

    colb you are inconsistent about your level of paranoia. You are stock pilling hand sanitize during the day, but when your girl friend who works in a government quarantine lab comes home and tells you that the four other people who normally works in the maximum security lab are out sick, you want...
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    Best full body conversion harness, ANSI bucket compliant

    Camp sells replacement bridges with a choice of webbed bridge or rope bridge. You can also pick different lengths. I like the idea of changing the shackles out for petzl open rings.
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    Apples growing on orange tree?

    But Tom, what if I worship trees?
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    I climb for adventure and exercise. Gym memberships are boring, but my climbing instructor is hot.
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    Shackle loading direction?

    The Camp tree access has similar shackles and web bridge. I was thinking about replacing the shackles with the Petzl open rings to avoid any issues with direction of the load. I'm not going to bother to remove the existing shackles until its time to replace the bridge, so I have plenty of time...
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    Air powered tree access must try!

    Wow I had no idea. I was hoping for a tree access cannon. After reading what some of you have been using my plans sound like a tree removal cannon.

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