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    Fungus? Slime mold?

    I'd go with "nothing to worry about". Might be a myxo, but I think of Leocarpus sporocarps as being more eggplant-shaped rather than disk-like, but ID'ing from cell phone snaps is risky business. That being said, I do it all too often!
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    Trees of Israel

    As a start, check out: I see a guide in the Arabic language, but with color plates at: . There is a common Mediterranean flora around the coast, so those texts from...
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    What should I do about this tree with a gall?

    What to do about the gall? Cherish the wonder of nature. Then if that is not enough, follow ATH's sound advice.
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    Does removing trees with fusiform rust disease help prevent its spread?

    Do you get bright orange sporulation on the stem in the Spring? Do you know the species of pine? The usual recommendation with respect to specimen trees is "no", there is not much enhanced likelihood of infection of healthy pine nearby by the infected tree. Now, some of that may come from what...
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    What is this. Bark only

    Well, sometimes I only get as close as "Northeastern diffuse-porous hardwood". Sure, could be any of those suggested above.
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    What is this. Bark only

    OK, I'm foolish enough to step up with way too little information: How about red maple, Acer rubrum? It cuts pretty easily except for nasty interlocking grain and compound crotches. If you still have the wood piece, take a single-edge razor blade and just barely shave the cross-sectional...
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    What kind of tree is this?

    Pine needles are grouped into bundles or fascicles that contain one to several needles each. For this tree, how many needles per fascicle? That is a pretty conserved feature, which means that the number will be uniform throughout the crown. Still, count several bundles, they should all be the...
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    caliper vs caliber vs diameter

    Yes, English is a funny language, to be sure. The choice for technical specialists (or their overlords) is to either use common words in specialized ways more narrow than the common speech *or* to invent new words for those specialized uses which then become part of the esoteric arcana of the...
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    Castanea stativa?

    Yes, the chestnut blight fungus produces spores which infect small wounds into the secondary phloem (the inner bark). Now, I mean very small wounds, such as those caused by native insects that themselves may not be considered a pest. Some experts would say that the spores are spread by wind and...
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    Castanea stativa?

    There's quite a bit on the need (or not) of tool sterilization in various Treebuzz threads. I can say firmly that chestnut blight has not been shown or even suggested to be spread via pruning wounds.
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    Castanea stativa?

    From the photos, could be sweet or American chestnut. Check out: and C. sativa has been planted in the US and is out there. C. dentata, the...
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    Fungi on western red cedar

    Looks like an Armillaria to me. I'd start with A. ostoyae. Sorry, messing up font size. A key diagnostic character for the genus is the presence of scattered brown or black hairs on the upper surface of the cap. I think I see them in the image. Not densely hairy, just sparse, scattered hairs.
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    GoFund me (or my wife) for Lyme's

    When we met in April, I don't recall whether we talked about Sumer's or my Lyme disease journey. That's part of how the neurological part of Lyme is for me, I don't remember stuff. And it's not even that I don't remember...the info doesn't get recorded in the first place, so there is nothing to...
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    Swirled cambium

    Thanks ATH, yes, that little burl piece be me. Sure, we have all seen those marked disruptions in grain, although this particular image is extreme, not in the disruption but in the colorization. Contrary to the FB post, the burning occurred *after* and was not a cause of the disruption. Of...
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    Hey Look at My Crud...

    Excellent images JD! And for the moonseed, nice to see ID was possible! Good that ODNR Forestry was on the case.