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    Unverified reports of Moss working

    That was God telling you to get out of bed and get to work.
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    Unverified reports of Moss working

    Stuff looks nice and green for now. Welcome to the shit show. They’re really not that bad at 3-4 years dead, usually.
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    new echo chainsaw commercial

    I’m so glad I didn’t lead with the Florida girl jokes. Some are doozies, y’all would’ve had my head on a stick. Another time maybe.
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    Rescue scenario chat

    Chain lanyard... like steel link chain? Jeez. Maybe keep a couple batteries and a sawzall or angle grinder in that rescue pack. I’m so glad the only palms around here are in shopping malls. Come to think of it, I haven’t seen a shopping mall in a while either...
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    Sexism and Homophobia in Arborculture/TreeLife?

    There’s already too much hate and not enough love in every day life. Damned if I’ll be adding to it or teaching my children to add to it. If two people love each other then that’s beautiful enough. Life is too short to pretend otherwise. Sidenote, Buffalo puts on a CRAZY party/ rally/ parade...
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    new echo chainsaw commercial

    Well then.... Badass commercial anyways.
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    Stihl MS 200 Rear Handle - Houston, TX

    Worth every penny I’m sure. I REALLY want it, but funds do not allow right now. Was looking a while back, and filled the need with a MS241CM. I doubt it’ll still be available in 3 weeks, but if so, I’ll holler. Damn that’s pretty.
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    Well a pint of whisky is in order for tonight

    Is that exposed body fat we’re seeing in the first pic? Tiny little phone screen, I can’t tell.
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    Well a pint of whisky is in order for tonight

    Looks a hell of a lot better in the 2nd pic. Just cleaned up or did you close it with some krazy glue or something? Glad it wasn’t worse man. There’s a lot going on in the neck, and it’s all kinda fragile.
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    dusted off an old rope

    Don’t climb on the nope rope.
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    Songs of Perfection

    Excellent! Thanks for posting that!
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    Why do a down payment on bigger jobs?

    I’m so glad I was lowly paid help every time we showed up to a big job and they changed their minds. Saw my boss get arrested for gaffing a flip-flopper’s tire on our surprise exit. Reckon he still made a profit that day though. Still wasn’t pretty.
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    Where do you find feelings of fulfillment as an arborist?

    I like the challenge of rigging around structures, wires, fences, swimming pools, and whatever else is expensive to fix if it gets smooshed. It’s neat when the client or neighbors watch. Most people are nice and are just generally interested in seeing how it comes down in a controlled way. Try...
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    Songs of Perfection

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    What’s the plug look like?

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