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    Dawn Redwood growing Too Fast ?

    with the growth rate it is having or you describe I would say that the root health is on point. What you see above ground for the most part is a reflection of the health below ground.
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    The things ya come across during the day.

    Amongst other creatures, I came across these guys today.... one does not belong.
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    NJ Board of tree experts.

    the way I read the information, if you have a cert like the ISA cert Arb, you are in the clear but have to register it with the board. Owning a company though you need to take the operators test.
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    NJ Board of tree experts.

    I live right across the river and see how Bucks County has become with everyone that can get a saw and sell them self as an "Arborist". It has got to a point that grass guys are now selling themselves as this and they are watering down prices to a point that you can not do the job legally with...
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    NJ Board of tree experts.

    so why are they saying you are not eligible to sit for the test?
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    Goodbye and Thank You, Buzzers!

    Best wishes to you! Thanks for all the hard work put in.
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    So.... Now where are we?

    It was a bad idea using social media platforms in 07 according to a huge amount of people. Turns out that was not the case. So what are you seeing as a bad idea now that is comparable and why are you not doing it?
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    So.... Now where are we?

    So back in 07 I made a post about starting a business MySpace page to market to my customers and future customers. I have to say I got the responce that at the time I thought I would had got from it with the "Bad idea" type remarks. Not that it changed my mind to not do it. In the end I recall...
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    Black Lady Beetle on HWA

    I was reading not to long ago about transplanting bugs from one region to another and also was listening to a few podcasts on the issues with this ( lady bugs). How they are taken during their hibernation stage, fat and tired. Then when they get to the buyer they are fat and lazy. Really in no...
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    Black Lady Beetle on HWA

    @JD3000 are they getting lady bugs local or from the west?
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    Black Lady Beetle on HWA

    Has anyone used this treatment plan for any of their HWA treatments? How have you found it to work?
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    Hemlock Care

    Has anyone implemented Black lady Beetles? and how has it worked out if you have?
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    Endless sling - shorten.

    yup, thats not an issue. Hope this helps
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    Interview Process

    Where are you located and what is the general population? ( saying you are not a popular spot like Detroit) What kind of social presence does the company have in the area? Are you always out in front of people and other workers even when you don't have anything other then sound work and a...