Was hoping there'd be 'new members intro' type threading, anyways I hope to dispel worries I'm a troll because some posts I fear come across that way, I am a mid 30's general-laborer who does all types of work in FL including tree work, however tree work is my favorite (hell any free minute I have is spent in my 4yr old bonsai nursery that's getting pretty noteworthy, love trees love climbing and love chainsaws and am not terrible at any of them & learn quick!), my goal is to start doing a higher% of my time working spent doing trees & climbing, since I've got a long-term customer base that's used to me doing hourly general-labor (roofing to flooring to trees), and not having equipment, I expect I'll lose/change many customers / my business model to be able to spend more time at-height and/or with chainsaws, am entertaining the idea of approaching some of the local groups once I'm more familiar with my rope (blue moon) and my newest saw (1st top-handled, lil 10"/25cc 11k rpm beast) to see about working with them 'on contract'/per-job because I'm sadly unsure I can learn much from them, have already spent a summer working with one of the groups and have done at least 3 or 4 jobs for another of them, I'd be working-with them so I could benefit from their contracts, use their chippers etc, allowing me to spend a greater% of my time climbing&cutting than I'm doing now (would happily trade the autonomy of freelance general-jobs to work-under others if I could climb/cut more often!!)
I hope my posts don't come across like a troll, I know my thread about not understanding the Rope Wrench is likely to be received that way, am genuinely uncertain as so far in my backyard-testing of SRT I've found that 2 simple prusik loops let me move up&down with great ease, can only guess it's me being lightweight & agile and the ropes being new & slick but from where I'm standing I 'trust' the people who talk with Bingham (and I certainly trust Kevin himself in this regard) to the point I want to order a Wrench but I can't pull the trigger when I legitimately cannot see the point, the best guess I have is it facilitates quicker movement on greater lengths IE if you're descending 50' it's 'neat' to move fast, much faster than me manually moving my 2 prusiks (1 with each hand), but my manner isn't so slow that I'd consider it a set-back (it's not as annoying as un-clipping my ascenders from the line every time I want to change height!)

Thanks for reading to anyone who has, this site looks great and to hear Bingham speak of it it sounds like THE forum for climbing arborists, I wish I'd considered this as a career a decade ago in my 20's but mid-30's isn't too-late to still get, at least, a mini-career going here :D
May 1, 1982 (Age: 38)
State/Province where you live
Where do you live? (Country)
Everything physical (trees/landscaping, flooring, basic electric, roofing, painting etcX10000!)


Yale's simple but VERY important illustration of a 1,400lbs dynamic load snapping a 20k(static ABS) line, then a 6k(static ABS) line taking the same load 6X, illustrating the importance of dynamic-energy-capacity of cordage! (Article is very short&to-the-point but if you just wanna see it, go to the video at the bottom and shoot to 1:31 where they begin the dynamic testing. Very illuminating how important elasticity is between our entirely-static rope choices between 1%'s and 3%'s, would love to see cycles-til-failure comparisons of elasticity//lifespan if anybody knows any!
rr668: Evaluation of Current Rigging & Dismantling Practices in Arboriculture
^good write-up of rigging especially sections 7&8. Not as thorough as it could've/should've been but a great (free) publication nonetheless!!


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