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    petzl rope wrench

    Midline attractability of petzl's rope wrench is important to switch from set to ddrt. The only advantage petzl offers is certifications.
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    Lower able basal system

    We tried it with 100lb weight difference and it worked. We concluded that your more taking stretch out of the rope. You just have to create enough slack to unweight the system. Then either unclipping like in my video. Or if there's a running bowline or equivalent slide it higher to creat more...
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    Lower able basal system

    Here you go. A very simple system using stuff we all have. Also rather versatile. I like that it gets away from cutting anything. Let me know what you think.
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    Thoughts on super static

    I've used several different super static lines. I only use them with a basal tie off so there is more rope in the system to absorb a fall. Also like said before it's nice having a rope runner that will slide when over loaded. For me the super statics worked better with the rr. Fell through...
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    NJAISA Annual Workday

    I'll be there. Looking forward to it! One of my favorite events of the year!
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    Lowest stretch 11.7 line??

    Plan on being in Charlotte. I hope I find out when the sign up is early enough. Thank you. I'm looking forward to representing the pen/del
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    Lowest stretch 11.7 line??

    I just grabbed a rope from marlow that is 11.8mm. Having only run it once So not much experience on it yet. Didn't seem to have much stretch. Marlow venom 11.8 by countryboypa31 posted Nov 24, 2015 at 1:17 AM
  8. Marlow venom 11.8

    Marlow venom 11.8

    Few stats on some of the marlow arborist ropes
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    Nj work day?

    The New Jersey workday is normally the first Saturday in December That would mean it's December 5 can anybody confirm the date and location for me I'd like to participate again!
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    South jersey, need bucket operator

    Jason pilla tree specialist is looking to hire full time bucket operator! If your in south jersey or thinking of a move to the area hit me up or contact him directly. He's is one heck of a great boss, I was glad I got to work with and for him! 267 S Mannheim Ave Egg Harbor City, NJ 08215 (609)...
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    How in sam hill....

    I haven't tried that SRT tie off! Doesn't look retrievable, can't seem to find the advantage man, Could you explain further! :p
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    2015 ITCC Masters

    womens scores?
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    2015 ITCC Masters

    What were the masters scores?
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    2015 ITCC Masters

    Congrats all! Looks like an incredible day!
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    Minimalist Lowerable Basal Tie Off

    Very cool, i've had a number (at least 3, witnessed by more) of my coworkers lower me on this system. I still feel incorporating a Petzl Rig or ISC D4 with a basal anchor system is the most user friendly and easiest to understand, but i love options, specifically minimalist options. Here's to...

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