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    Adding ring to lanyard?

    That looks pretty handy. How is it attached to the saw?
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    Edge saddle, side d’s adjustable?

    After more fiddling I’ve got it to where it feels about the same as the ergo, which I thought was pretty ok until I got a monkey beaver. But I think it’s as good as it’s getting.
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    Edge saddle, side d’s adjustable?

    So I’m playimg around with this saddle, I’ve never climbed in it, just hanging from my rafter and it is very uncomfortable. Broke out my old ergovation to compare since they’re supposed to be very similar, ergo feels way better. Trying to find the difference and the big obvious difference is the...
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    Saddle Adjustment (Ergovation)

    I fixed it by buying a monkey beaver. Which I am much happier with. :)
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    Saddle Adjustment (Ergovation)

    My ergo would slip out of adjustment, seemed like I was always fiddling with it. It was comfy when it was comfy.
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    Another aerial friction rigging device?

    Jaime, you can sign me up when you are ready. Dan
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    Modding Chainsaws

    I have several saws that Jack built, they are all super strong running saws.
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    Zigzag or Akimbo

    I keep a “pitch lanyard” tritech with a Gibbs And a dedicated conifer rope. My oak ropes never touch the conifers.
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    Zigzag or Akimbo

    I can confirm: the Akimbo does not like sap. It will lock up hard.
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    Articulating wheel loaders

    Here’s a tree we did today. Dead Ponderosa. Big limby bastard. Big parts of limbs stayed mostly intact, but lots of breakage in the smaller parts, mountains of dead needles and 2-3” broken stuff. I try to push it into piles with the heel but it’s not very efficient. Actually it pisses me off.
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    Articulating wheel loaders

    What are your thoughts on fabricating a tougher rake? That could push some good size limbs around. Do you think modifying one from top notch is plausible? or start from scratch?
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    Husky 540 xp tank vent backflow leak?

    I have 4 right now, probably good for awhile.
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    Work Photos

    Smoky today
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    Husqvarna power pole saw

    Hi Merle, I was looking at the gas. Now I’m curious about the battery saw. I’ll probably go gas though just because I doubt I have the attention span to keep the battery charged at all times
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    Husqvarna power pole saw

    And which flavor are you referring to? Husky or stihl

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