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    Ditch Witch SK500 too small?

    Did you end up getting the sk500? If so please tell us about your experience
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    Bluetooth comms app

    sena 10s
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    Midsize saw purchase help

    I have two ms362c . They are great saws. best power to weight ratio. I run them with a 20" bar and a 24" bar. No problem in the tree. I see no point for a smaller medium saw between the 200t/201t and 362.
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    Looking for Fundamentals of Gen Tree Work

    I printed my pdf copy at Staples, it cost 70 bucks
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    Comment by 'burtonbc1400' in media '3:1 DWT with RnW and OmniBlock Pulleys'

    Intuitively, this seems like it would put undue pressure on the tip end of the rigging branch
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    Retrevial options for pulley saver

    A small piece of hardwood could work
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    Chipper hourly rate in Canada?

    Is your 300 minimum for just the chipper? You have a per man charge on top of that? I usually have a 2hr minimum charge, and I charge to have the chipper onsite, even if it only does 15 min of work. Which 15min chipping : 1hr 45min cutting is about the ratio.
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    Climbing line for rigging?

    i use old climb lines for rigging. 1/2 , 11.8m for small take down's and tag lines. any heavy wood or anything important i use dedicated 5/8 rigging lines tho
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    Chipper hourly rate in Canada?

    Serf Life is correct. Cleaning up someone elses mess is the pits. especially old messes. As far as charging out, at first i went with a similar price to the rental shop. Having rented from Nor-Val before I got my chipper, I know that after fueling up, it cost me $400/day. So at first I was...
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    Adjustable rope bridge rope grab/cam

    Z'sTrees if you would post a pic of your set up, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks
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    Adjustable rope bridge rope grab/cam

    seems people like the ct roll n lock. Can it be released under pressure?
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    Adjustable rope bridge rope grab/cam

    evo, what video are you referencing?
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    Adjustable rope bridge rope grab/cam

    I've seen a few versions/ideas. Not a fan of the zip ties set up, forget who posted that. I'm looking into getting the monkey beaver harness, and I'd like to copy what August Hunicke has. Anyone have good results with a certain a rope grab? Petzal's Micrograb looks like a good option...
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    Selling 2002 F-450 with Aluminum Dump - Reduced

    No kidding, I doubt my 7.3 would start at 7 degrees F (is about -13 C) without being plugged in

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