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    What rope should I get?

    It’s a thick feeling 11.7 with a great hand feel. Also more expensive. I am not sure if it is the same construction as Poison Ivy et al. I loved it, at the time I was using a HH2. Post retirement, it took down a pole barn among other fun tasks. For two years it’s been the rope railing on my...
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    Power Lines on One Side / Safe to Climb Away From Wires?

    Thanks for clarifying... I was familiar with EHAP and hadn’t seen this term.
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    Tree work in movies/television

    Virgin Suicides 1999. The elm trees are being taken down due to blight, and the Lisbon sisters stage a sit in to try to prevent its removal. At one point in the film they show an arborist at height using a chainsaw, I can’t find the clip unfortunately. Those outfits look very warm. I’m sure...
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    What rope should I get?

    I’ve owned both prism and blue moon and the jackets are similar in response to wear, the blue moon is a tad bit slicker.
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    Buckingham Tree Squeeze

    Oh, that’s good. I might suggest going 8’ 12’ 16’, you may grab a few more customers who deal with things on the bigger side.
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    TreeMotion for small waist?

    I spent a happy day climbing many happy climbs in my new-to-me Courant Koala. It is everything I could ever want it to be, and fits amazingly. I could rattle on but I should wait until I have spent some more time in it. It is the most comfortable harness I have used. (>tmotion, treeaustria3.2...
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    How could these indicate rest of a tree’s health / safety to climb

    Um... elephant in the room here...
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    Crape myrtle of unknown species 8 feet from the house

    This rapid reference in Michael Dirr’s Manual of Woody Landscape plants may help. Lagerstroemia indica, common crapemyrtle, has over 100 cultivars listed in detail in this book.. which is kind of a lot. It would be best if you could get the cultivar from whoever gave you the plant. There are so...
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    Crape myrtle of unknown species 8 feet from the house

    What final height are you hoping to achieve? A crape myrtle can get pretty tall- I have one that’s 25’ or so. Topping it yearly is just a silly thing to set yourself up to do. There are several trees that would stay at a height more like 15’. I don’t know what is native to the Sacramento area...
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    What rope should I get?

    I got the hyperclimb a month ago. I find it flattens much more than any other rope I have used with the rope runner, and runs a lot faster than your average 11.7... but I do like it.
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    Crape myrtle of unknown species 8 feet from the house

    Why not plant a shrub? Something that does not require maintenance?
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    getting used to climbing with spurrs

    That kind of system recently came up in this thread.
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    Handsaw placement

    So you’re saying you stash your chainsaw on your left side? Do you pass the saw in front of you or behind your back when you go to use it?
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    Handsaw placement

    I second all of this. Also have been placing the handsaw on the left side. Using zip ties to help self-orient. Hate the leg pods. Hate having it on the right side w chainsaw. But also had the same thoughts Tom has had about crossing bridge/ropes/etc, and not just the safety aspect but the...

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