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Nice to see Sen. Paul Wellstone included in a JFK/RFK comment. Minnesota has sent some wonderful people to Washington I so miss the work he did for us. Sen. Al Franken is missed too.

There is a mis-fire though with Pillow Man...sorry

Part-time residential developer clearing my own lots for new homes
I need help locating a salvage yard that might have a late 50's/early 60's Ford 292 Y-Block wood chipper with a blown engine. Need to replace the manual clutch, but do not know the manufacturer. Any ideas? Much appreciated.
Just a young climber looking to advance higher


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I'm looking at purchasing a track lift. Did you like the Omme? I've been looking at the CMC92 hd
any advice is greatly appreciated
I have no clue what you two are talking about. Without links sent to me there is no context
Tom, I am not sure where all this came from, Sky joined the Buzz this morning and nine minutes later began sending me messages accusing me of bashing his father, Richard Ketterman. I presume this has to do with a thread a started early last year after a “climber” we hired stole several hundred dollars from us.

The thread in question is here:
@Tom Dunlap I have been speaking with Sky via PM, and all is good now. If you wish to delete the messages below, feel free. I don’t believe they are necessary, as we seem to have cleared up the confusion.
Professional Tree Workers Wanted
$25-30 per hour
Two weeks Paid Vacation
Supplemental Health Insurance
Paid Holidays
Paid Continuing Education
Any feedback on the Altec knuckle boom set up ? I’m looking at the bigger option. I’m out here in Hawaii and am worried about going with palfinger or Effer because the closest Technician/mechanics are in California on the West Coast. Would palfinger or effer fly out here for updates and services on my crane ? Concerned about downtown. I’d appreciate feedback
Far as I know, altec handles all of their maintenance in the USA so it would be them handling it. Quick phone call should answer your question.
You’re so quiet lately man. Hope all is as well as can be during all this.
Holler if you’re ever back in WNY and wanna climb a tree :)
Hey you mentioned about attachments at a discount...
About to purchase an SK800 (debating new vs used (850 hrs).. and exploring sources for attachments ..
agree totally about buying them from dealer...
Being in Dothan, might be good to just take a trip up to the Blue Diamond factory in Knoxville and write of the vacation by picking up an attachment or three...
Thank you for getting back with me so quickly. Stay safe out there we need to keep our quality tree care pros in the industry.

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