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Hey man, how much would you be looking to sell your 2018 TM for? I had some message me asking to buy mine
We are looking for qualified persons to fill the position/ positions of : Crane removal climber, foreman, ground specialists and sales reps. Please inquire at our website at or by contacting our field manager Rick at 919-467-7997
This is where you say something that was supposed to be private, then realize it's public.

:panda: @JD3000 :panda: you are now bookended by pandas. Good luck, my friend.
I am beyond heartbroken that treeco wrote this was jasons fault. I just lost him. Please tom can you advice me on how to delete this acct so I never have to read something like this again. I was looking for support not more pain
Sure, that would be 45, 20 and 65. PayPal please, friends and family. Give me a good address to ship. Can get out tomorrow morning....Chad
Kerigor's power lay in his followers. His art was to draw upon them, and his downfall was to depend upon it.
He cut off the heads of 131 Lord's.
Real talk colb, JDS pops was for real....
I didn't know him myself but heard a lot about him.
I mean just imagine back in those days... Even the Shogun was shook.
Pretty sure that was unheard of.
At least we know where @JD3000 gets it from. #beercansamurai

First time my girlfriend saw me climbing I was (elegantly) humping myself into a shumard oak for some very casual vehicle clearance pruning. Ever since then I'm the kungfu panda... :nocausagracia::LOL::panda: