ziplining oak significantly leaning downhill over little pines/steep hill/house


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The video was taken after all the branches were already removed. If you can believe it, they all went as smooth as the little wood piece. It was an extremely uncomfortable climb. Perhaps hard to see, but the tree was way up at the top of a hill that sloped down towards the house. Homeowner had us remove a bunch of smallish poplars etc that were leaning towards the house but wanted to keep the pines on the hill. The oak I'm in was leaning moreso than any other tree on the top of the hill and they wanted it removed. We removed a number of other trees on the property including the spar that we used to redirect our zipline. The crotch on the spar is approximately 60-65 feet, though the redirect itself is lower to keep the zipline out of some branches that were going to get in the way, and because my longest ropes are 200' and we essentially maxed it out. I was terminating the zipline on my tree with a running bowline so no real way to lengthen it on my end.

Used a little omni block on zipline for the pieces to get them to run smoother with a little less tension because I was out quite far on limbs. Not so fun to be way out on a limb and having a mini ripping against it to tension the crap out of it.....
I used another rope to pull the small block back to me after each cut. Tree was leaning significantly. I had a second climbing line in a tree further up the hill but it was mostly just something to lean against. Which was nice. Very uncomfortable. Keep in mind that I was pretty much moving the zipline anchor point for every branch, so by the time I'm rigging the wood in the video the line is a lot closer to the woods....





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