ZIg Zag Ate My Glove!

Hey wanted to pass on a heads up - last week I was up on two ropes buzzing around in an elm doing some pruning/ crossing water sprouts removal and at end of session came down on both rope systems - one was a RR and the other was double rope using a Zig Zag on Tachyon Ash. I had on blue Atlas fit workgloves - newer ones, not ratty with any loose threads, etc. Anyway I was about half way down, joking with ground folks and my left little finger glove suddenly sucked right up inside two lower links of the ZIg Zag and literally froze it solid - couldn't go up or down on it - so unclipped, tied a slip knot and just pulled down the leather branch saver and the rest of the rope the ZigZag was on - came down on the trusty old RR! On the ground I eventually did manage to get the glove finger out of the ZigZag but almost needed pliars. Glove is munched. A new one on me. So a heads up, guess there's a heck of pinch point on the bottom of the ZigZag links I certainly haven't thought about much! The fact that it jammed up so solidly would not have been fun if you were on one rope. And maybe more reason for climbing on two ropes (mine was cuz of a spreading tree, not any tip of the hat to any new regulations)! In this case, it did make the jam-up a non event though. Cheers all.

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