WTB Mini skid steer in PNW


As title says. Looking to make first mini purchase. Demoed a couple of new models but would love to not spend 25- 30k at the moment. If anyone in the NW or surrounding area is looking to sell there’s would be stoked to check it out. Thanks.


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Someone on here posted a zahn mini loader a while ago but neve saw if it sold. Eastside or something like that for a user name


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Delavan, WI
Once you realize how easily the money flows in the pill is rather sweet, palatable. and easily swallowed with a grin from ear to ear. And get all the attachments you want up front so you can finance them all at once, if you are going that route. They can also make money out of tree work. Landscaping. Sidewalks. Snow removal. Grading. Tilling. To name a few.

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