WTB LaSportiva Boulder X Mid GTX


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I am trying to find a way to get these to North America. In my opinion, these are the best climbing boot on the market. They are not made for spikes/spurs, but are phenomenal for competition and pruning. Their lacing system mimics LaSportivas Mythos climbing shoe that has the lacing go around the top of the heel, cinching your foot into the toebox. There are no metal grommets on the uppers and the lacing goes the whole way into the toebox. Vibram sticky soles. If anyone has worn a pair of these, I think they can vouch for how bad to the bone these are.

If there’s anybody out there that can help, I would be interested in attending a couple pairs. If you are living across the pond and would like to strike an agreement, I’m all ears. La Sportiva stopped carrying these in North America a while back and they have no intentions of bringing them back. I already asked.

Any help would be appreciated


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OMG, thank you so much. Just ordered a size 43. Last one in stock. Not sure how you found that, but very grateful. If you find any more in a size 43 let me know.


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I'll bet they are coming from the UK. Last july I ordered a pair of salewa Rapace's off amazon that were priced at $143. Arrived in late september and shipped from the UK. Shipping was high like these ones too.


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Yup..Italy. I actually ordered two pairs. Half size difference. I will just put on a thicker wool sock for the bigger ones...lol. Summer shoes, and winter shoes.

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