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It seems that all the arborists I hang with are all looking for some one to get behind the desk so they can stay in the field.

Am, (was), a Linux, Mac, PC hacker. Have built a lot of stuff for biz and management. Even did virtual reality sets for an opera company in NYC. And several years in publishing. I said, no, I'm going out side and that was it. Most of the stuff I've seen for the tree biz to assist it in data and company managment is very limited compared to what can be done. Wish there was more programing being done for this biz. Especially in Linux,and a lot of what is there can be used in new deployments. Linux, free software and source good is great.

OK, I've offered something. Ya, not much and it is a start, hugh?

Could be a lot of ideas talked about related to handling regulations and such.