Working alone: Is it the most dangerous thing you can do?


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Over the course of the last fifty years, I've seen so much stupid and enough disaster to write a book about it. The one thing that stands out is that almost without exception, someone was trying to save time or get something done faster than it needed to get done.

A work crew with nine rocket scientists and one idiot is ten times more likely to fuck everything up than if you just shot the idiot.

There's you some math.
I much rather put a few drops of lsd in the idiots water bottle and drop on them from being in the tree wearing a clown mask and slapping them with severed arm props…. Solves the problem and no pesky murder charges or dealing with places to hide the bodies.


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The beginning of your last paragraph, quoted, starts with an assumption.
What I meant is that one has competent workers who take their job seriously, want to learn etc. People who are more likely to care about safety and their role as a team member versus someone who just shows up, doesn’t listen, doesn’t know how to work with a team etc.


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I understand.

That's my point.

You said that you are assuming these people are quality, professional employees, not the typical bottom of the barrel stick- picker-upper laborers.


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Yeah, get those sticks out of those barrels, damnit! I loves me a clean barrel-bottom. Now, pass me some of that LSD, @evo... I can't bury these bodies with all those damn FBI agents combing the woods for whoever murdered their girlfriend this week.

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