Wind Throw on a News Team


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I was recently shown a video of a reporter standing by the ocean during a storm and waves crashed over a sea wall and the reporter was hit in the face by a fish, I'll do my best to find the video.


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we had an ice storm in 2014.. I remember getting up at 6:30 AM and standing at my front door and just listening to the crack crack boom, crack crack boom as tree and limbs were exploding all over the neighborhood only seconds apart. Around 11:30 Am the sun came out and started melting. I didn't leave the house til 12:30 when it had significantly dropped enough ice for my comfort. Not even to inspect y own trees. My buddy, young guy all psyched for the $$ a storm like that brings, was out looking at a downed pine with a 87 year old client, when another limb broke and was falling right for the two of them. He bailed on the old man and ran for his life. Limb just barely missed the client... We did storm damage for months.. three hours wasn't going to make or break anything except your neck...