Why is True Blue not spliceable?


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Samson Rope says that True Blue is not spliceable. It's 12 strand, hollow braid. Anybody know why it's considered non-spliceable? It seems like it could be spliced with a locking brummel and short bury. Because of the braid it's pretty tough to work an end through the middle, but not impossible. I've done it without issue. So what's up with this stuff?


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I dont know, although I do remember splicing an eye in mine, and never really trusting it, (Rigging line non life support), so I cut it off, a scaffold knot or bowline it a great way to eliminate splicing tho


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NER has instructions, I’ve only done a few. It wasn’t until doing my last I found there is a small hollow center. I was never satisfied with the short tails sticking out, on my last one some of them were able to be buried. There is also the Tuck-Bury splice, where half the strands get buried and the other half gets tucked on the outside.
Rescue Technologies has some 6 and 8mm hitch cords, Probe, that are solid braid Technora, the 8mm has a larger hollow center, but I wasn’t able to do a bury.
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