Why everybody loves leaf blowers


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From now into mid-November it will be dawn to dusk leaf blower noice in my area eastern Mass. Landscapers are hard at it with Fall clean-ups. Homeowners can be the absolute worse, I’ve worked on jobs where the “guy next door” literally moves 2 or 3 leaves at a time for 3-4 hours, takes a break and then comes out and starts over again because... you know, a few more leaves fell, the wind picked up and work to be done. Should be an arbs only device since a. We’re superior people, 2. We’re better and smarter, c. We’re generally cooler than anybody, d. We make so much noise with saws that our 15 minutes of blower time end of a job is a relief to the neighbors. Pain is relative. Then again I know nothing, I rake.


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There is a blower ban during certain times in some Boston burbs. I asked my foreman if I should not blow off a jobsite because of the ban. He said "hell no, just fire up the chipper first!"
There is always more than one way around the barn.

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