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We have 4 saw shops in town and 3 of them are Stihl/Husky dealers. It's nice having one stop shopping.
......the fourth shop is exclusively Echo


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Fox Cities, WI
I wish I had a local saw shop. We've got an Ace hardware and a Tractor Supply locally. Neither of them carry anything other than basic homeowner and farm saws. Stihl at Ace, Husq at the TS.

Neither of them carry 24" bars, sharpen chain, or stock larger loops past the single 24" 84dl covered in what looks like 10 years of dust at Ace. Hadn't actually realized this until this week. Curiosity has led me to picking up a chinese knockoff saw, Neotech clone of the 381. Planning on it being the loaner / backup to my backup. Didn't feel like breaking up any of my kits, so I needed a bar for the 'head. No dice, had to run to the next town over and got an oregon 24" at Fleet Farm. Haven't fueled it up yet, plan on doing a cut test this weekend helping a buddy with his backyard trees.


The shop pictured above also sells Echo, and as you can see on the sign, Cannon saw bars, for the exacting chainsaw lover who has everything.
They added Stihl five or six years ago and previously carried Sachs Dolmar, before it was adsorbed by Makita, as well as the Pioneer Partner brands. They’re a specialized small family business I’ve been happy to patronize for over 40 years.


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Pont Viau
Having a STHIL store in town is really advantageous for workers like me. We could easily garb or rent the products we need. And it would be very helpful if they too had a repair shop. We do have a STHIL dealer in town. They are providing these services, that's why I'm telling you this.

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