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Joseph Tree is an advanced and full service tree company looking for motivated team members to help push our company forward. Applicants with at least 1 year of experience in the Tree Care Industry are preferred, as well as having a CDL.

We are very team oriented and strive for every tree crew employee to be able to do all roles associated with jobs including ground and chainsaw operator, small and large equipment operator, CDL holder, aerial lift operator, and tree climbers. All training, both in house and certifications (CDL, Arborist, etc) are paid for by the company. Initial uniforms are supplied, and annual uniform and climbing equipment allowances are provided (work shirts are 100% supplied). Guaranteed 40 hrs a week, with optional, but not mandated overtime.

Pay starts at $15/hr. for employees with no certifications and no experience. Pay raises up to $23/hr are certification based and can be done as quickly as an employee wants, with the average time being 1-2yrs for the full $8/hr raise. Raises above $23/hr are performance, skill and company success based. Benefits include: Paid PTO, paid holidays, health insurance (premiums paid for by company, and children covered), dental and vision plan, matched 401k (after first fiscal year), short and long term disability plan, monthly bonuses if team goals are hit (after $17/hr pay raise) and weekly optional overtime. Must be able to pass a drug test.

Hiring Video (long):

Hiring Video (short):


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Really well done on the video, I enjoyed it. You’re in Columbus, OH?

I think @JD3000 hails from the area, supposedly he’s the Most Well Known :)


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I'm local and I can tell you your pay rate is well below the area average for what you're seeking. I don't have a CDL, nor am I a certified arb (I am highly skilled with a long list of good references) and I make more than that. Infact I made more than your top out pay starting out at the last 2 places I've been.
Not bitching as I have no reason to, I'm not in the job market, but if you want good people you gotta pay good money. I'm sure you're charging on par with the areas industry average so why pay your people below average? I wouldn't take a job starting at $23 to be honest...
Sorry to be so blunt.

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