Whipping both ends of climbing line?


Bucks County
I've got 200' of Yale 11mm Kernmaster with no splices. A few inches of core milked out of both ends as soon as I started using it, but now it seems to have "settled".

I'd like to whip both ends, but I'm not sure if that would make the core more inclined to bunch up somewhere in the jacket, or misbehave in any other way. Is that a bad idea, or am I thinking too much?

I've got a shorter section of Samson Voyager with a tight eye splice at one end. Should would whipping the opposite end have any negative side effects?


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Atglen, PA
I doubt whipping would have any bad side effects, if it is tight enough that the core can’t milk but wants to, you’ll probably see it as a bulge near the end of the rope - just remove the whipping and redo it if need be. I don’t see that as any different from melting the end of a rope, and we do that to all of ours.

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