Which accessory biners work with the RRPro?


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But the bullet and got one of these but the shop didnt have an accessory tending biner that fit the tending point so need to order one. They did have a tiny biner but my fat fingers had trouble using it...


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Cheers, which is biggest? Mumford site is shut for spring cleaning...
Not sure about the RE accessory but the DMM and CI are very close to the same size. Both will work with the RRP.
Hate that Richard is spring cleaning. Went the other day to spend some money and sadly had to go elsewhere!


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They’re all close to the same size. The RE may be a little smaller. That’s what I’m using and am happy with it.


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I think you labeled them wrong but I think we can see which is which....
I know number 4 is the dmm XSRE and number 5 is the RE.
Now I really want that RE!! Amazing how small and strong these little things are...

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