Where do I start?


I want to start competitively climbing. What organizations host or regulate the event? I am most interested in the work climb, live in NC, over 50 yrs old, and currently climb on ZigZag (incl) Chicane or rope wrench SRT on a regular basis as a tree biz owner and climber. Please point me in the right direction?


I've linked below the rules for ISA comps and the post in this forum that has the places and dates for climbing comps for the 2020 season.

First step is to read the rule book. Second step is to volunteer at a comp before you participate (not required, but recommended). Third step is join a comp and have fun!

Many local International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) chapters hold climbing competitions. Here in New England we also have a local Connecticut and Maine comp in addition to the New England Chapter ISA. Usually you are allowed to participate even if you are not a member, however you will not "win" the comp without being a local member.

Competitions are broken into 5 separate preliminary events: Throwline, Speed climb, Ascent Event, Aerial Rescue, and Work Climb. Each event is scored or timed individually and climbers are awarded points.

The Masters Challenge is the final event. The top climbers in the prelims (and members of the chapter) are eligible to climb in the Masters. It consists of a single climb in which the competitor needs to install, climb, and uninstall their system in a certain time limit, while gaining points through skill tests. The winner of the Masters challenge is usually sent to the North American TCC and then that winner is sent to the International TCC.



I just saw a post regarding this competition on a Facebook group. Unfortunately too short notice. I will attend the next one, close by.


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Next one is legends which is for those over 40. It is in january near Orlando. It does not follow the ITCC form but is like the North American Open Masters. It is a LOT of fun.

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