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What is a fair price for diagnosis work: root inspecting climing to see a problem beter etc.
I though i'd charge 25/h for this row of strugling oak trees any thoghts?
ITs prob. just bad planting but haven't beenout there yet

Tom Dunlap

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You should charge no less than your normal billing rate. If you have to write up reports that pays the same. Since diagnostic work requires more knowledge and there is more long term risk to you it wouldn't be out of line to charge a bit more.

When people get paid for what they know rather than what they do, they get paid more. Not always equitable but that's the way the world works.


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I charge a flat fee for arborist reports for removal permits ( a necessity in some cities around here prior to getting a permit is an ISA cert arbo report) and I do consultations on an hourly basis, if I was climbing on the consult I would probably still charge the same hourly rate becaue the time is more efficient, you are looking and learning while no one is bothering you (ie. client with questions or inane answers that you didn't ask the questions to). report rate is $150 per and hourly is usually $50 for consults.


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$95 per hour if hired for site consultation.

$150 per hour including travel time and paper work as an expert witness.