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Mark Chisholm

5/28 @ 11 AM - Managing a Vital Asset: Tree Inventories and Urban and Community Forest Management Plans - Andrew Ullman, Davey Resource Group, Inc

Cornell Cooperative Extension | Online: Managing a Vital Asset: Tree Inventories and Urban and Community Forest Management Plans
Presenter: Andrew Ullman, Davey Resource Group, Inc.Proactive management of our urban and community forests is of rapidly growing importance in the efforts to mitigate the expected impacts of climate change. In this webinar presenter Andrew will cover the ins and outs of performing tree invento...

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6/3 @ 1PM - Big Trees in the City - Andy Hllman, Davey Resource Group, Inc

Cornell Cooperative Extension | Online: Big Trees in the City
Presenter: Andy Hillman, Davey Resource Group, Inc.Description: We know that large trees in the urban environment provide the most in ecosystem services; whether it is carbon sequestration, pollution removal, stormwater mitigation, or cooling the ambient temperature. For years we have bee...

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6/11 @ 1PM - Urban Tree Pests and Diseases - Dan Gilrein, Cornell Cooperative Extension Suffolk County, and Margery Daughtrey, Cornell University

Cornell Cooperative Extension | Online: Urban Tree Pests and Diseases
Presenters: Dan Gilrein and Margery Daughtrey Tree Pests - Dan Gilrein will cover the latest on important invasive pest threats -emerald ash borer, which is now killing trees around Long Island, and spotted lanternfly, which is expected to arrive in the near future to help in early recognition and management. This presentation will also review some of the other troublesome tree pests including ...

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Funding for these projects is provided by the State's Environmental Protection Fund (EPF) and is administered by the Urban and Community Forestry Program in DEC’s Division of Lands and Forests.


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