Mark Chisholm

Preach, could you post the results on the winners forum after the results are in?
I'm getting antsy just thinking about the Tcc this Sat,. Jesse. Wish I could be there to compete this year,but the shoulders are still strained.Be the first time in six years I havnt competed..Good luck! and call me wih the results when you get back.

Whats up kliminfool? You take down a 100' cedar three days ago and you can't compete because of a sore shoulder? Go do it anyway. Its all about having fun!! Someone could have a bad day and you could possibly be on top!!
yes , thats true Trevor and I know what thats about. However, this is a injury that occurred months earlier from doing some extensive single line climbing.The problem hasn't resolved itself and practicing for competition months in advance would agravate it even more.I dont want it to become a perminant injury.Trust me, i'm very bummed that I'm not competing because I love competition and beeing the internationals are in Washington this year, makes me even sadder.What I miss the most though , is seeing all my buds and the comrodery that goes on. Theres always next year and I'll be ready.


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