Ways to Jam knot a single line PSP friction saver


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Is there an industry standard or "go to" method to jam knot a ring and ring FS for use in SRS? I would be comfortable on any of the pictures I have posted but was just wondering if there is a more preferred method and why or why not. I understand that with SRS you likely won't be using a FS but it may be a viable option for a certain scenario. When training, I usually use a FS to instruct on an MRS system. If I decided to swap it to an SRS, I'll jam knot it on the little ring. Could always basal tie it too but I am just looking for opinions on the jam knot. The other thing that got me thinking about this is the Buck Slap "device" which is intended to be used with a jammed figure eight on a bight. https://buckinghammfg.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/07/BuckSLAP-compressed.pdf

1: Butterfly with crab in bight
2: Butterfly with crab in bight and rope "spiked" in crab
3: Butterfly with crab capturing working end
4: Figure eight on a bite instead of butterfly (with any of the crab methods used with the butterfly. No pics because you get the point hopefully)

Anybody prefer a certain method?
Care to share scenarios where you found jam knotting useful?


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#2 seems to be the most common. I occasionally see someone using a Figure 9 loop, spiked with a carabiner.

And I think using a friction saver SRT is more common than you might think. Knot jamming a ring and ring provides a canopy anchor with less friction on retrieval than having the rope running over bark. The latest fad seems to be using an adjustable one for a canobase anchor.

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