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Hey guys, I want to compete against the best tree climbers in the world. I come from the back woods of Arkansas and have been climbing trees ever since I was knee high to a grasshopper. I have worked all over my beautiful state, the Mid-West, and a little on the East Coast. I recently landed a job with Asplundh Tree Expert Co. in Hampton Roads Va. Maybe someone could help me out with some info on getting started in the competition part of the tree industry. I love tree work and couldnt see myself doing anything else. Your help would greatly be appreciated.

Tom Dunlap

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Contact the Midwest Chapter of the ISA. Their competition is generally in June. You might be able to compete as a guest in other chapters too.


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Arkansas isn't a member of Midwest chapter? Never thought about who they belong to..
But definitely get on the ISA website and get ahold of someone.. New competition is always welcome....


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I think AR is Southern Chapter, they cover alot of acreage. Nice folks in Nashville , thanks for the time.


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The Illinois competition is September 10th. You have be an IL Chapter member ($45) and the competition fee is $40. Keep in mind, IL residents only can compete in the Master's Challenge.


Arkansas is in the Southern Chapter, and we will be having the TCC in Biloxi MS around the end of March, you can contact Dwayne Carter at the ISA Southern Chapter. Registration is in Feb.....sign up and bring your climbing to Biloxi it is always a fun...time,, hope to see ya there

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