Vermeer bc1000xl wood chipper

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A large y-shaped log jammed in the feed chute causing the unit to stall out. After using the jack to raise the feed wheel and removing the wood, upon restarting, the high gear won't engage. It'll low idle and the drum engages in low, but the feed wheel doesn't turn and, as I said, it won't idle up. The display for the error codes is now blank as well. Any ideas?
I have an older model BC1000XL, I believe an 08 model don't quote me, and I had the same issue for no apparent reason. Throttle linkage had come loose from the control handle somehow. If the drum will engage but not idle up it sounds like when the unit stalled it caused some engine jar and caused it to create a problem with the throttle linkage. I would start there. Does it can you throttle up with the drum disengaged?

Also, why did the engine stall because of a feed wheel jam? Mine has a sort of bypass that when the feed wheel is under to much pressure it stops the feed wheel from turning and the unit kinda makes a squealing hissing noise to alert you there's a problem. Never once had an engine stall. I've had mine for a long long time and worked it as hard as 3 good men could work it and never had any issues. Only problem I've had is the small turn buckle that adjusts the tension of the clutch arm and belt pulley had the eyelet break out. 10 minute 7 dollar fix. I also don't run anything over 7 inches through the chipper unless it is rotten. And rarely go as big as 7 inches. Anything that big and bigger goes into one of the dump trailers or trucks to either be processed into firewood if it's a hardwood, or dumped in a canyon as filler.

I also thoroughly grease EVERYTHING at the beginning of every third workday regardless of run time, change oil and filter regularly, and flip and replace cutter blades as needed. I've run thousands of loads of mulch through it without so much as a hiccup. I hear everyone complaining about these machines, yet I wouldn't have anything else behind my chipper trucks.


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