utility tree work in the Cayman Islands!

Arborist position, Utilities Maintenance & Construction (U.M.C.) Grand Cayman

We are a company in the Cayman Islands, providing vegetation management solutions to the islands electricity distribution company.
We would be interested to hear from anyone with experience of working in the utility arborist/vegetation management industry, with experience and certification in the operation of chainsaws, chippers, bucket trucks etc.

We currently run two crews, using Altec bucket trucks and Altec chippers, the new positions for the arborists would be to work in these existing crews, made up of local staff, and assist with the tree cutting, pruning and removal as required by the utility company, each team currently has a linesman who clears vegetation from the 'live zone', the arborist would take over thereafter, sharing their knowledge and experience with the current teams, and looking to improve the overall standard of the service we provide.

We are keen to introduce a professional arborist to join the crews, with correct pruning techniques, and a positive, enthusiastic attitude towards achieving the company's goals.

Experience of similar trees, vegetation and working in a warm, ( often very hot) climate would be beneficial.

We do all the cutting from either the bucket truck, or the ground, they do not do any tree climbing here!

Length of contracts are flexible, a temporary work permit covers workers upto 6 months, which is the length of probation also, after such time, permanent positions could be available.
Pay would be around CI$15 per hour.

Please feel free to email me at tim@umc.ky with any questions.

Tim Brown

PO Box 30149
Grand Cayman
KY1 1201
Cayman Islands
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