Using Pinscher PGR in street trees

I am considering offering using Pinscher PGR for a community that has ornamental plum trees lining the streets. They say they are looking for a solution to the mess the trees make. I am going to offer two solutions: 1) Pruning and PGR injections or 2)removal and replacement with more appropriate trees.

Unfortunately, the removal/replacement option is far more expensive and the community would loose, temporarily, some aesthetic value.

Does anyone have an opinion on using PGR in street trees where there might be a slight possibility of the fruit being ingested by someone or something. I am concerned about liability.



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on their web site they state "do not inject food bearing trees" so I would think you would be VERY liable.

With towns from my experience you need extra insurance to spray municapalities, and so does the town. It usually makes it cost prohibitative. I would check that you have proper converage, then verify that the town does as well.
You could look at using ethephon, but again I am not sure they can be sprayed on "public" trees.
Pruning many times will also stress the trees and cause them to fruit more, not less, however someone with fruit tree experience might know different.

Usually they "reduce" fruit production not "eliminate".

let us know what happens.


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It does state not to inject food bearing trees, but the trees listed for use include crabapple and walnut, these are trees that produce fruit that might be eaten by someone or something. INGESTION: May irritate gastrointestinal system. Oral LD50> 5000 mg/kg. Here is an interesting comparison chart.
Having used Pincher, I would echo the Arborsystems advice on testing for your area for dosage. I have injected trees near the street (Orn. Plums even!) Some with great success, some with out( my issues were, I believe operator error). The LD 50 on this product is quite high. Call Arborsystems and talk with them about it, they are very willing to help folks work throuhg these issues and answer questions. When I first got my Wedgle, I talked to Chip alot (he likely found me a nuisance) but helped me with lots of different issues. Good luck!


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you could always take a few out each year and plant them with something better for the spot and just rotate planting and removal over a few years. Then it won't be such of a shock.

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