Using an aerial lift as a tie in point...


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Just curious how many of you have used an Aerial Lift as a tie in point for for your climbing line (because aerial lift can't get close enough to the tree) when you have to remove a dead/hazardous tree with no trees near by to tie in to.

How about some pictures of what (gear/friction saver, loop runner with a carabiner and pulley, etc...) and how you are tying into the attachment point on the aerial lift...

Just curious... Because we have had to in the past and would love to hear some of your thoughts, ideas and recommendations. Thanks


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If the lift won’t get close enough to the tree, in my opinion, it won’t get close enough to use it as a tie-in point. Nor would I trust it anyway, as a lift is not rated for use as a work positioning tie-in point. If we can’t get a lift in close enough and we have to climb a tree that’s too hazardous, we will either find a bigger lift or bring in a crane to work from.