Upgrade from sena smh10?


I have the smh10 sena in my protos and love it and cannot imaging life without it anymore! With new offerings out, i have to ask those of you that have upgraded. Was it worth it?


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I’ve used the 10R, which is a non detachable low profile unit. It has very poor battery life. Was ok for the first few months, then after a while it couldn’t hold a charge past lunchtime. Also it is a pain to have to bring the whole helmet to where you are charging the thing.

I’ve also used the 30s. These had excellent sound quality and battery life, but the structure of the unit was less durable than the 10s, not to mention at the time was very expensive. I believe we broke one of the units early on and returned them hastily and swapped for the 10R.

I started with the 10s years ago... and a year ago I switched back to the 10s. Great battery life, price, build. The big button is a pain, but I did a mod that reduces accidental bumps to almost nothing. Pop off the button and spring and gorilla glue a fill valve shank washer onto it, bobs your uncle.
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Are the other senas compatable with smh10? The tufftalks some other guys used had very poor reception with my smh10 unit.
Yes, most are compatible - the newer/better models like the 30k and the 50k are backwards compatible, so they work with the previous models such as the SMH10.

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