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It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything here, but I felt compelled to share my experience with the folks @ UP Equipment. While I haven’t bought a significant number of brand new pieces of machinery, I have had years of experience trying to work with manufacturers to dial out the bugs and difficulties with heavy machinery. Point being, I have something to compare with. When you’re truly ready to pull the trigger on a compact lift, I feel you owe it to yourself to give UP Equip a call. Their communication and support has been top notch from the very beginning.

I first spoke with Alain Paré. If I understand his position, he primarily handles sales, although he has gone out of his way to help me whenever I’ve reached out. I’m getting used to bypassing him and contacting other point people within the company, and they have all presented the same positive and helpful attitude. These people would include Martin and Remi. Remi handles tech support, and his guidance has been priceless. He is timely and methodical, making diagnosis and repair in the field feel like a breeze.

All that said, I don’t want to convey the notion that I’ve spent hours broken down, wondering how I’ll finish the day. The problems I’ve had with the machine have all been minor and easy to fix. It can feel daunting when something isn’t working and you have no idea how to even diagnose. With the support of UP Equip, I’ve handled every single issue within an hour of reaching out to being back in action. I’ve assembled a small tool kit, consisting of 5mm & 6mm Allen Wrenches, a 19mm GearWrench, a Grease Fitting, a Test Light, and small Micrometer. My lunch bag is bigger than this tool kit.

Most importantly, I can work with confidence that the dealer support is behind me 100%, and their motto, “Simple Inside”, holds true to the last letter. If you saw the 87-48AJ on display @ Expo last year, you saw my personal machine just days prior to delivery. This machine has made my work with stone dead and crumbling trees in tight locations possible. UP Equip will be at Expo this year as well, and I truly feel they deserve a visit if you’re in the market for a machine.

Thanks for everything, @UP Equip !!!

Pa tree guy

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North western pa
It’s been a while for me as well , I’m happy to o to here your machine is working well. I do a lot of big dead trees too (emerald ash bore ) reeking havoc.
The guys from up equip headed my way real soon as their biggest critic and pain in the ass I’m happy to report my 87-48 has been much better since back to Canada for do over , probably hate to see me post something but all is well here in north west pa, see you at the show pa treeguy

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Glad you posted. It's all a rounded part of the picture. Even top end products or services have to have a thing fail or not work out once in awhile. Seeing how that is dealt with, seeing how you are doing with your machine, tells a lot too.

Thanks Pa tree guy.

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