Unknown evergreen tree (California)

My tree ID is strong but this one's got me stumped. Here are my observations & pics - any ideas or tips are appreciated.
Album of pics

Location: Alamo, California (sunset zone 14, USDA hardiness zone 9b)

- leaf arrangement seems to be both alternate & opposite
- best bet is evergreen (no other history about it)
- simple leaves with 3 dominant veins; one of my leaf samples had an unusual lobe at the tip; smooth upper and lower surface
- flowers from the axis of the leaves (raceme type flower)
- bark is somewhat dark and smooth, it reminds me of citrus bark
- this specific tree was probably 18" diameter but I couldn't tell due to the fence
- it was also previously topped, maybe a few times, so its natural structure isn't obvious
- no odor to leaf when crushed
Some variety of ligustrum?
I usually see glossy privets & Japanese privets in my area and this doesn't look like any of those - I am not familiar with other species.

Looks kinda like Okinawa Cinnamon
I see the veins and flowers look similar to some Cinnamomum .. like this one.. https://selectree.calpoly.edu/tree-detail/1713 You might be onto something. I may check in with the folks who run that website to get a confirmation...

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