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Larry Elder has a new documentary out called Uncle Tom. I think it is a very important perspective as it seems to be giving black conservatives a voice.

Also one of the people in the documentary is a black arborist.

Here is the trailer

Merle Nelson

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SF Bay Area, CA

I saw a 3 minute youtube vid about the person of high character and integrity in which the (story) Uncle Tom's Cabin (if I'm understanding correctly) was based.

Uncle Tom as a derogatory term is way screwed up.


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Hey Merle.

I fixed the link.

Maybe not.

I think these are very important black American voices in this documentary.


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It takes true courage for Blacks to speak out as conservatives in America. They’re some of the sharpest, most genuine and impressive people out there. Optimistic free thinkers who refuse to believe that they are victims. Americans in the truest sense.


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Are the millions of black and brown Americans who are out protesting for racial equality and justice also Americans in the truest sense? Are they courageous, impressive ,and genuine, or are they all just playing the victim.

Speaking of playing the victim, have you seen any of the latest speeches from the current leader of the conservative movement in America? This man is once again doing his best to turn reality and history on its ear, and somehow make white folks the victim. He claims the million and millions of Americans ("THEY") who are calling for the removal of confederate statues and now trying to erase "OUR" history... Because "THEY" demand an end to the celebration of racism, the confederacy, and the enslavement of human beings, "THEY" are attacking "OUR" national heroes...
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