Ultra sling for climbing handhold/foothold


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Phil suggested this (not an original idea from me). I put together a 9 ft ultra sling using 3/8 inch tenex tec. I'm going to use it as a floating foothold while climbing near-vertical branches for pruning (or fun). I'll be tied into a high tip, but then climb the back side (underside) of a near vertical branch. I'll use the sling as a portable foothold as needed. Right now I'm housebound recovering from foot surgery, so I'm bored but able to splice. It just seemed like an easy, fun thing to make that might be useful.

I used some 1/2" and 3/4" heat shrink tubing and 1" tubular webbing to make the first loop a little stiffer so the loop stays open. I hopefully won't need to use a hand to slip it over my boot that way. I used triple brummels between loops, and finished it off with a different loop. For the final loop I did a 5-brummel splice to join the two ends into a loop so it has a little stiffness to it and also stays open. I then buried the tapered ends. What do you think? Any other possible uses?


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east TN
saw this and decided to upcycle my old ultrasling I had a block on (Block is trash, I think a tree fell on it at some point)

im pretty excited to use it
I used old winch rope (amsteel)

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