Two Tree Scars

My wife's Japanese maple and flowering dogwood have these scars at the base. What causes such stuff and is there some kind of goo we can put on them to help them heal?

I hope the photos show up...

[image] [/image]

[image] [/image]


From the amount of callus tissue, I would estimate the injuries happend 2 to 3+ years ago. All I would do is pick off the loose bark and let them be.

Thanks for that link...this tree thing is a bit overwhelming in that there's so much to learn.

Don't know about the dogwood, since it was here when we bought the place, but we planted the Japanese maple five years ago and the only physical damage I can think of could have been caused by my cat scratching it (?). Other than that, no weed whacker or mower has been close to it.

Hmmm...maybe ice falling off the roof? The drip-edge is pretty much overhead, and a couple of winters ago the ice dams were over eight inches thick...



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Often those wounds are caused by rough handling at the nursery or transporting. The bark is squeezed to death but hangs on for years before shedding.

Does the ice theory hold up when you consider that it would have had to fall through the branches to hit the trunk?

'CODIT stands for Compartmentalization of Decay in Trees:"

Nah, I was talking about Detective Dendro's apprentice.
Do you see deer in your neighborhood? Those scars look like they could be antler rub; a big problem for young trees in my area.
The ice theory still stands because the slabs came down through the branches when friend well-meaningly shovelled our roof. Chunks were five and six inches thick, and indeed took off some branches as they thundered down.

As for deer, we don't have many down here for some reason. I mean, they're around but I only see them maybe once a year in the woods, and this tree is only four feet from the house.

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