Trying out my mini-wrench hook combo


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Custom tether or how did you attach the biner in that orientation?
Custom tether, has a single eye attaching to the biner, you might be able to see in this photo


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Shot some vid trying out the mini-wrench/Hook setup with 9mm line. All good, some minor problems, next version will have an integrated swivel.

For a bonus you get to watch my glove get sucked into my ZK-2 twice! Awesomeness.
How are you liking the 9mm Ez-Bend on the hook line? Love the custom rope wrench set-up.


Been here a while
One thing I dislike about having my standard wrench on the captain hook is that my hand splice is too fat, too low, so I sometimes feel stressed for vert when I arrive at my destination. The foot ascender cannot power me up through the thick splice bury. Every inch matters, nice setup.

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