trunk injections?


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Started trunk injecting for HWA with mauget imicide generation II capsules this week. Some took up quickly but others I had to leave in the tree for over 24hrs and a couple capsules had a dark discolored (brownish) liquid in in the capsule when I came back to check on them. Does sap commonly backflow into the capsule? and if so should I assume all of the imicide was uptaken?

Anyone else had issues with the mauget capsules and if so is tree tech or any other brand better at quick uptake? Soil temp was just at 45 degrees so I hope as it warms up uptake is much quicker because making several trips to the site gets old and is a time suck.


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Haven't had much luck with Maujet, The most effective treatment I've found to date involves adding about 10 gallons of 87 octane to the spray rig and throughly covering the lower third portion of tree limbs and truck and leaving a light trail back away from the tree. Don't let this vaporize too long before you light it or it gets pretty dicy. One time treatment and done. No more adelgid!

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Mauget is crazy hot and miss. I stopped using the products for the reasons you explained. The vendor really couldn’t help me much. I found that drilling the plastic out where the tube punctures the holes helps. Also the angle of how that tube sits in the trees is important. I try to put it in sideways so the chemical doesn’t bunch on the top or bottom of the cambium layer. Sometimes I have super fast uptake. Other times it just sat there doing nothing. I switched away from Mauget despite its super low price to set up. The plugs are just so unfriendly to the environment. The thought of having to leave these things at a site overnight scares me to this day.

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