Truck and Equipment Maintenance

Not sure if this is the right place to post this, but I’m hoping to get some insight into how everyone manages the maintenance on their trucks and equipment.

We have 6 trucks, 4 pieces of equipment (chippers etc.). How do you guys make sure that your employees are greasing their equipment daily, checking oil/hydraulic fluid, cleaning their saw filters, checking tire Pressure, etc.? Do you use a check list for each vehicle? Is there a program they can use on their phones that reminds them? It’s hard to stay on top of everyone and make sure they’re doing their daily maintenance, and it’s not even February.

Any replies/tips are appreciated!

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I'd recommend getting a whiteboard in your shop. Then check off when trucks are getting checked for fluids each week and machines are greased. Also, what I've found works well is when you assign employees to certain roles. Make employee A check fluids on the trucks each week, and employee B greases the machines when necessary. Then make sure you or your foreman double checks that they performed their daily/weekly tasks.

Lots of different ways to handle equipment. This is the way my boss did it when I started doing tree work and I liked his organization. It's nice when everyone has assigned roles that they are responsible for. That helps define their jobs.

Anyways hope this helps a little bit.


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There are electronic preventative maintenance programs out there, they can be updated on phones or tablets and will send you reminders when equipment is due for maintenance. It works great when based of a calendar based maintenance schedule (daily, weekly, bi-weekly...) most can also be set up for an hour meter however that will require that they be updated daily on the hour readings in order to be accurate.


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I bought a label maker. We print out stickers with mileage and hour in top right corner. We change oil around 5000miles or Sooners if it’s the buxket because it runs so much more than all the other trucks. They all get the grease treatment when we do oil.


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We have guys in the morning grease and fluid/oil check routine. No one may know anything about the days work, but by gawd those chippers are lubed and trucks are running!
Saws are usually done back at the shop after they have been dulled, cleaned and sharpened by the culprit. We are still small so everyone is pretty much aware of what routines they are responsible for in a day.
Also, the white board is a must have.


I would suggest assigning somebody to grease duty and make sure the drivers are checking fluids and doing circle checks- we have our mechanics spot check the trucks routinely to see if the guys are missing things. I find the threat of hedging gets people doing circle checks!

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One company I worked for would have crew leaders assigned to a truck each. It would be up to them to keep the truck greased and oiled, even if it meant delegating tasks to there crew. Meetings every two weeks would discuss any problems with trucks or chippers . These problems would be highlighted and delegated to some one to fix.( ie: pick up a couple of rear marker lights)
The plan being to have any issues fixed before the next meeting or the person delegated the task will be asked questions.
You also need to put time aside to do these jobs and tasks.

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