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For some reason when bored at work my mind wonders or I have a internal dialogue and a funny phrases pop into my mind.
Today while pruning three apple trees dropping buckets of immature fruit on the ground I was thinking of self thinning fruit, or the tree aborting immature fruit in time of drought (or normal).. naturally the next thought was that would be a epic nerdy band name ‘Aborted Fruit(S)’

so have at it.. what are your band names but must have some relation to tree work. Such as,
‘Heavy Rigging’ sounds like some hillbilly jams or very bad heavy metal..


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I have a feeling some people will have a difficult time sleeping tonight. This will probably be littered in the morning.
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Gotta have an arty touchy-feely type gender non-specific tree band, no?

Ok, this is better? I'm pretty sure they opened for Springsteen back in the day:
Eddie and the Epicormics

Or the angry teenager punk band, I'll have to do some stretching before I get into the mosh pit!
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