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Hi All,
Just announcing my 16 year old tree removal business for sale here in Calgary, AB. It has a slick setup, with a 2000 Int. bucket truck fitted with a Vermeer 186 stumper on a platform on the front, a 60' Altec boom, a Vermeer BC1200, 5 husky and Stihl saws, and all the hand tools, with lots of parts. This outfit grosses anywhere from $200-$330k/year, from April to Halloween, with winters off, and cashflows at least 40% of gross revenue. There's a second chip truck/stumper/chipper unit available if desired, for another $40k. I'm asking $200k for the business, which includes the website, 50 great reviews on just the Google listing, training on the business model, and the bucket truck unit. Money grows on trees in this business - I've been very happy with it, and am ready to retire. Any tire kickers can email me at: for more info. Rob


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Hey, @JJM IV! When I hover my cursor over the screen name for @RobOnBusiness, it shows he joined this forum and made two posts all on the same day, and has not been back since. Maybe he still lurks on this forum, but I think it's likely that you will not get a response from the guy.

I like a lot of the ideas that are put forth by @southsoundtree with regard to selling. You should look for some of the threads in which he's commented on this stuff, or maybe he'll choose to jump in here, if he has the time. Good luck.


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